Travel Soccer Overview

Travel soccer is offered as a means for the further development of individual, and team soccer skills through additional practice and competition. If your child has played one or two seasons of recreational soccer, and/ or has expressed an interest in playing soccer in a slightly more competitive manner than possible in the rec program, travel soccer may be a good fit for your child.  Players interested in travel soccer should show a high level of desire and ability, and their families should recognize that a greater commitment, both in terms of attendance at practices and games as well as financially, is required.

The goal of our program is to show our kids how much fun they can have learning the sport of soccer while teaching them the value of teamwork, sportsmanship, and fitness. Greenbush considers the U8, U10 age groups to be developmental, while the older ages are more competitive. Travel Soccer is an organized, safe, and enjoyable soccer experience for kids who want to play throughout the school year.

Our travel program is a three-season program.  Our teams play outdoors in the Capital District Youth Soccer league (CDYSL), in addition to participating in local and regional tournaments.  During the indoor season, teams participant in leagues and tournaments in local indoor soccer facilities.


  Fall (U12 and younger)   Early September - late October
  Winter   Three sessions, running late October - mid March
  Spring   Mid April - mid June


Age Divisions


Players Born In



  2010, 2011, 2012

  4 v. 4; 2 simultaneous games 


  2008, 2009

  7 v. 7; 6 plus a goalkeeper


  2006, 2007

  9 v. 9; 8 plus a goalkeeper


  2004, 2005

  11 v. 11


  2002, 2003

  11 v. 11


  2000, 2001

  11 v. 11

Note: While attempts will always be made to field teams in each appropriate age group, registration of a team is entirely dependent on the number of players who sign up to play at a specific age group.


Games: Fall games are played on Sundays at a neutral location in Scotia.  All teams playing fall ball will play at this location.  Games are scheduled by CDYSL. 

Winter (indoor) games are held at one of three Afrim's locations (Colonie, Latham, Bethlehem).  There are three separate indoor sessions.  The cost of these sessions is not covered by the annual travel soccer fee.  Games are scheduled by Afrim's, and can be played on weekends or weeknights.

Spring games are played either at our Phillips road Fields (home games) or at our opponent's home field (away games).  Away games are typically played within a 20-25 mile radius of the Capital Region.  These games are played on Sundays and on weeknights.  Weeknight game days vary, depending on age level.

Paid referees are provided for all travel games.

Practices: Travel teams typically practice at least two times per week.  Most travel practices are held at Phillips Road weeknight evenings or Saturday mornings.  Travel practices focus on technical skill development and a sense of team.  All travel teams are trained by USSF licensed coaches and trainers, who develop training and player development plans that best suit the players and teams in our program.  The goal of Greenbush travel soccer is to develop technically sound players who fit into a team environment.

Indoor practices are paid for as part of the annual travel fee.  These practices are held once per week at one of the three Afrim's locations.

Tournaments: Many travel teams participate in tournaments, both outdoor and indoor.  These tournaments are hosted by other travel soccer clubs may be local or regional.

Try Outs: Each year, in June and July, the club holds try outs for players interested in travel soccer.   The club has a "no cut" policy below the U14 level, and makes every effort to not cut any kids at any level.  Cuts are only done when we do not have roster space for all interested players.  At younger age levels, try outs are used by coaches to assess and evaluate players to ensure they are placed with the proper team.

Registration and Fees: Players may sign up by visiting our Registration Page.  The fee for the 2017/18 season is $850.  The fee for our U08 program is $350.  This covers coaching and professional training, CDYSL registration fees and referee fees, indoor practice time, and field maintenance.  In addition to this fee, families should plan on spending an additional $100-$400 per year to cover expenses such as uniforms, Afrim's session registration, and tournament registration.

Uniforms: The club utilizes a three year lifecycle for our uniforms.  The current uniform went into service for the 2015/16 season.  Uniforms can be purchased through the soccer shop at Afrim's-Colonie.

For additional information regarding travel soccer please contact a member of the Travel Committee.