Travel Soccer

The club provides an enhanced level of coaching and player development at the travel level. This is achieved through a combination of experienced coaches and paid trainers. Due to the long term nature of travel soccer, coaches should be willing to make a multi-year commitment, and be available to coach in all three (fall, winter, spring) seasons. All of our travel coaches and trainers hold United State Soccer Federation (USSF) licenses, and are encouraged to pursue continuing coaching education.  If you possess a soccer coaching license or certification, have previous experience as a player or coach, and are interested in learning more about coaching in our travel program, contact our Technical Committee.

Recreational Soccer

We rely on our rec coaches to provide the earliest, and perhaps most important impact on our young soccer players. A good rec coach will provide a positive environment for learning, focus on soccer fundamentals, and keep the kids excited and ready to come back year after year. Experience is always a plus, but none is required. Contact our Rec Coordinator for more information about coaching at the rec level, and when you register your child, you can register yourself as a volunteer coach at the same time.

The club is excited to introduce a training initiative to help attract, retain, and provide coaching education to our rec coaches.


The United States Soccer Federation and the National Soccer Coaches Association of America both offer licenses or diplomas for furthering your soccer coaching knowledge. The entry level course for both organizations USSF "F" License and NSCAA Level 1 Diploma are offered online, and can be completed in a few hours. If you to choose to take a course, the club will reimburse you for that expense, up to $25. Contact the Rec Committee for further details, and to request reimbursement.

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