Love For Alina

Love For Alina


Love for Alina is a fund drive created to benefit 8 year old Alina Deyette and her family. Alina is an outgoing vibrant child who lives in East Greenbush, NY. Alina and the Deyette family are also part of the Greenbush soccer community.

Alina was recently diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis. Symptoms of this neurological disorder include loss of spinal chord function which can progress to paralysis and impairments that affect her ability to perform ordinary tasks of daily living. She, along with her family and doctors are working to get her back on her feet!

The tolls of taking time off from work, traveling to and from medical facilities, and additional expenses are quickly adding up. Please help Alina, and her family as they face this challenge.

Please click here - to support the "Deyette fund" for Alina and her Family.

Shirts are available. Orders can be drop shipped to any location, but will incur a shipping fee. The window to place orders ends on 2/18, and shirts should arrive by 3/8. A bulk shipment will arrive, for those groups or individuals not shipping to their own address. Additional donations can be made through this site, and all proceeds go directly to "the Deyette fund" at Cap Com Federal Credit Union

Shirts are available for order till Saturday 2/18/17. On line donations also accepted through this link.

Click here to support "the Deyette fund" for Alina and her Family

Help organize your group and promote your fundraising event with these shirts. Add or just make a donation as well. Proceeds will benefit "the Deyette fund".