Rec/Travel Comparison

The following table should provide a quick comparison for you to determine whether the Greenbush Youth Soccer Club Travel Program is right for your child:

  Recreational Soccer Travel Soccer
Length of Season 2 ½ months (Fall, 10 weeks or Spring, 10 weeks) 8 months (November – June)
Practices per week 1 – Usually 1 hour in length 1 – 2, depending on availability of fields

Usually 1 ½ hours one or two nights per week or weekend. Younger teams have earlier practices than older teams to accommodate school schedules.
Games per week 1 – usually Saturdays, unless a reschedule is required 1 – 2, depending on field schedules. May be held during evening or weekend hours.
Practice location Phillips Road fields

EG school fields sometimes, as needed. Outdoors only.
Phillips road fields during fall and spring outdoor season;

Afrims indoor sports complexes in Latham or Colonie during winter season
Game location Phillips Road fields Home: Phillips Road Fields

Outdoor Away: CDYSL Teams within the 30 mile radius around EG in (Guilderland, Albany, Clifton Park, Averill Park, etc.)

Indoor Games are held at Afrims, Latham or Afrims, Colonie, and Sportsplex in Halfmoon.
Players EG vs. EG teams only EG teams vs other Capital District Youth Soccer League (CDYSL) teams
Coaches Parent volunteers Mix of Trained Volunteer Parents and Experienced Coaches. Paid trainers are utilized to provide training in ball handling and higher-level skill development. Coaches may act as trainers or hire outside trainers as they deem appropriate, based on their soccer experience.
Fees Approximately $100 for an 8-10 game season. 1. Approximately $600 yearly fee payable to GYSC for 8-month season. Charged by GYSC in 3 installments throughout the year.

2. Additional $250 fee (approx.) for winter session game fees. (Approx. $80 per player per session for 3(Three) 8-game sessions from Nov. to April)

Total fees: approximately $850. (~ $80 / month for an 10 month year).
Uniforms Team t-shirt included with fee $50- $75 depending on items needed
Referees Refereed by voluteer coaches at younger levels and GSC provided referees for older levels. Paid by CDYSL during outdoor games. Your fee paid to GYSC covers this.

Paid by Afrims during indoor winter games. Your fee paid to Afrims covers this.
Team Manager Typically the volunteer coach also serves as team manager. Some coaches ask a parent to serve as team manager, while others prefer to handle those duties independently.
Tournaments No Travel teams sometimes participate in external tournaments. Coaches decide whether the team should participate, and will then approach parents/ players. Some tournaments are held during weekends, but most are held during school vacations (Holiday, Winter, April breaks). You may choose whether to have your child participate in each tournament opportunity on an individual basis after consulting with the coach.

If you have a additional questions regarding the Greenbush Soccer Club travel program, please visit the Travel Soccer FAQ, or email our travel coordinator.